Hyunbo Corp.


We will leap to become the world's top company in the field of
auto parts
with customer satisfaction and the best quality!
Hyunbo Co., Ltd. which started as Hyunbo Electronics Co., Ltd. in 1985, has been growing step by step based on Hyunbo’s unique technology and know-how in automobile parts such as motor parts, electronic parts and electric parts. Hyunbo Co., Ltd. is constantly pursuing innovation and change, and has become global company supplying localized grease lubrication equipment to domestic and overseas.

In addition, We have stood firmly in the way of Hyunbo Co., Ltd. with the spirit of steady management and constant challenge without being disturbed by external environment. Now Hyunbo Co., Ltd. is looking forward to becoming a world class company by going beyond the domestic top in the automotive part field.

We would like to thank you for kind attention.


Chairman of Hyunbo Co., Ltd 곽진